Bristol Bay Borough

Bears fishing at Brooks Falls, Katmai NP

Located southwest of Anchorage, Bristol Bay offers an unprecedented array of recreation opportunities, both summer and winter. You can hike while viewing world famous Katmai Bears. You can raft for days in wild solitude. You can experience one of the most exciting summer activities in all of Bristol Bay, and possibly the whole state of Alaska, commercial fishing for sockeye salmon. Sportfishing enthusiasts travel from all over the world seeking trophy rainbow, salmon, dolly varden, grayling, and other species.

              The Bristol Bay region offers some of the greatest varieties of plant life and wildlife viewing anywhere on earth, all within reach of even the most modest of adventurers.

              King Salmon is one of the two transportation hubs for the region and is served by several scheduled airlines. Upon your arrival, experienced and capable bush pilots are here to take you to tour bush villages and fishing towns of Southwestern Alaska or to quickly shuttle you to wilderness so vast it is measured in square miles.

              Walking and driving around the area villages will show you what life is like for the people who call this area home today and for the last several hundred years. You will visit a people who live with fox, caribou and grizzly bears in their backyards. It is an area where as many as 150 species of birds can be observed, where whales swim near the shoreline, and where during peak summer runs, it seems there are enough fish that you could cross the river on their backs.

              Welcome to our home. We are proud to share with you the wonder and uniqueness that is Bristol Bay. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for those with the spirit to explore a piece of history that lives on every day in this remote area of Alaska.

Activities & Attractions

A variety of activities and attractions bring visitors from all over the world to Bristol Bay Borough including:

  • World-Class Sportfishing
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Eco-Tourism & Camping
  • Native Culture & Crafts
  • Local History
  • Hunting
  • Lodges & Fish Camps
  • Katmai National Park
  • Valley of 10,000 Smokes located inside Katmai National Park
  • Becharof National Wildlife Refuge
  • Bristol Bay Historical Society Museum

Be Bear Aware

In most cases, bears are not a threat, but they do deserve your respect and attention. When traveling in bear country, keep alert and enjoy the opportunity to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

  • Avoid surprising bears; look for signs of bears and make plenty of noise.
  • Avoid crowding bears; respect their personal space.
  • Avoid attracting bears through improper handling of food or garbage.
  • Plan ahead, stay calm, identify yourself as a human by talking calmly and wave your arms slowly above your head. Back away slowly if you can. Don't run.