Bristol Bay Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Board President: Frank Schroeder

Chinook Gifts

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Board Vice President: Tim Capo  

King’s Chapel, Bristol Bay


Board Secretary: Annette Wilson Caruso


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Board Treasurer: Sharon Schroeder   

Camai Community Medical Clinic

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Director: Adelheid Herrmann    

Silver Bay

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Director: Dan O’Hara                                                

Bay Marine Surveyors

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Director: Karie Tiffany

Wells Fargo

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Director: Ralph Zimin

Ralph Zimin was born premature at the Diamond M Cannery in South Naknek in May of 1951, two months before his July due date.  He jokes that he arrived early so he wouldn't miss the run.  Ralph has fished Bristol Bay commercially all his life and also worked on the North Slope for 29 years.  He currently serves on the Naknek-Kvichak Advisory Committee and is an expert on the history and management of our fishery.  

Director: Christopher Holmes

Alaska Commercial Co. King Salmon

Join the Board

The Bristol Bay Borough Chamber of Commerce is seeking business and community professionals, interested and willing to dedicate their time, energy, and expertise, to fill open seats on the Chamber Board.  Currently, they are looking for candidates to fill 1 vacancy. Applications may be downloaded and submitted to the Chamber Office. 

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Chamber of Commerce and will determine the objectives, policies, and activities, as well as, ensuring the fiscal responsibility of the Chamber.  Directors are expected to attend monthly Board meetings from 6:30 to approximately 8:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month; help organize and participate in community events; and, make themselves available for special meetings and events throughout the year.  Candidates for the Board of Directors of the Bristol Bay Borough Chamber of Commerce should be ready to serve in a manner that is in the best interest of the Chamber, its membership and the community.